Let’s introduce you to Melbourne electro. My version is styled by accessing global electronic music. My new remix has absorbed the electro snares, slicing hats and kick / clap patterns prevalent in 90’s Miami freestyle. I got all the stems for the remix, but being a complete instrument novice, I asked North pollard to send me the midi chords. I wanted to churn them out as metallic sounds, similar to what I was hearing in PC Pop (Sophie, AG Cook / Danny Harle). I love the texture of the instruments and synths, but as a body of work, both these sounds (Freestyle / PC Pop) don’t really work in my dancefloor Dj sets. To trigger that club vibe I went and listened to lots of minimal tribal / tropical house music and mimicked the breakdowns, pauses and build ups. I was playing Wonky, Wonky, Wonky by Passarani during this production phase. Segue. During this period Italy was in a recession and we had plenty of Milanese, Bolognesi and Sicilians working in our bars, and I wanted them to feel some creature comforts of home. I edited the 90’s Italian pop song Attenti al lupo by Lucio Dalla to use during bar gigs. I then copied the bass line EQ from this edit (still want to straight rip that bass line) and this helped bring the track into line with a club / car cruise aesthetic instead if the dreamy original that North pollard had produced. That’s what Melbourne is great at, accessing parts of the world we spectate on, and combining them for a unique take. This is what I presented to Loophole Records, and now to you.