Paz - hack Your Body - Album Design

“Hack Your Body into Submission”

‘88 synthetic percussion, staccato cyborg vocals and funky flesh basslines makes this the soundtrack to your brain chip instalment.  This latest update – HYB V5.6 gives compatibility for appendages to flail, combined with a mild serotonin embrace that coincides with the latest accessories in the F.LY outfit package 7.4. 

The Person (Steaming Jeans / Tide Life) puts steam on the stems, upgrading with euphoric synths and fat slapping bass.   The 4×4 kick is generally being used for positive reinforcement when sending your uber droids into time travel.   

Release Date: Nov 1st, 2023

All tracks produced by Paz

Remix by The Person 

Mastering – Nick ‘Arks’ Smith