Paz - Saganaki Posse


When its 36 degrees in the southern hemisphere, and you and your partner are thinking of pre gaming Calipo Icy-poles before the club. This is the soundtrack you aux chord up, with your windows down in your 2010 Audi A5. Outfit suggestions would be low cut New Balance 574’s (sans socks), salmon shorts, and a t-shirt with a print that says ‘Ulysses Souvlaki EST 1992’.

Huge remix from Alma Negra

Tested in the cage at Revolver Upstairs

Delivered via Codek Records, the home of In Flagranti.

Produced by Paz
Additional Production on Carpel Mambo by Harmon
Additional Production on The Eye Knows by Harmon
Remix of Carpel Mambo by Alma Negra
Saganaki Posse mixed by Lewis CanCut
Carpel Mambo and The Eye Knows mixed by Harmon
Licence by Codek Records