Paz - REVSFOREVS - Poster Wall


The REVS FOR EVS concept was born from a t-shirt I had designed for the Saturday night (The Late Show) at Revolver. It was a simple letter arrangement, and involved the abbreviation T.L.S on a 45 degree angle, with the word REVS running horizontally underneath it.  They both used the same S. The success of that print led me to make a wholly (possibly holy) Revs design. The idea was Revolver would live on forever (I always imagine Revolver being displayed like the historic building annexed under glass, opposite the Polly Wodside at Docklands) or simply in our minds.  This concept I developed, incorporating some of the design history of Revolver. One of the most striking details was the original Revolver logo, a green, coiled snake wrapping itself around a red apple (biblical). It was originally designed by Marcsta (7 Evil Men) and has evolved ever since. I turned the coiled shape into an infinity symbol, and used the repetition formed with the text REVS FOR EVS, to drum home the eternal nature of this great place.


Revolver Upstairs